Sims 4 Creations

All my lots for Sims 4 can be found under my origin ID, Asmodeuseswife.

Artists Abode

Built on a 30x20 plot for the single artist sim. Consists of 1 bedroom 2 bathrooms has an artists studio at rear of property. $97,756

Happy House

Happy houe is built on a 20x15 plot it has 2 bedrooms and 3 toilets. It will cost $58,815

The Hawthornes

 Large home for the more affluent sims, Formal lounge and dining room, family room, large master-suite, teen room, childs room and nursery,study and music room. Built on a 40x30 plot. 
$ 217,979

Coastal Suburban

Coastal suburban is a 4 bed 2 bathroom home built on a 40x30 lot and costs $110,317

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